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The Hirsch Performance 2011 Spring Collection

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The newest Newsletter has just arrived from Site Sponsor Hirsch and I have reprinted it below for you all to see.
The Hirsch Performance 2011 spring collection of accessories for the Saab 9-5 is now available.
At the Auto Zürich and Detroit car shows, Hirsch Performance previewed a few accessories planned for the new Saab 9-5 with the 9-5 Hirsch
Performance Concept. The forged 20″ wheels are already being delivered, and now additional products have been finalized for production.
Hirsch Performance wishes you a spring full of driving enjoyment!

260 hp Performance Upgrade for the Saab 9-5 2.0T Turbo4
The performance upgrade offering a power increase of 40 hp for the model year 2011 Saab 9-5 2.0T Turbo4 is now available for installation.
For the second generation of the Saab 9-5, the proven 2-litre engine from the Saab 9-3 was improved and equipped with direct injection and twin scroll turbo technology, which both contribute to more power reserves and a quicker throttle response. Excellent conditions for a
performance upgrade! The improved charge air cooling with the direct injection makes it possible to increase the peak power output to 260hp, and the maximum torque to 400 Nm.
Sporty Sedan
In addition to producing an impressive acceleration and overtaking capability, the performance upgrade also increases the top speed to
250km/h. The fuel consumption is only marginally different, and the emission levels remain unchanged.
No compromises
Just like the base vehicle, cars equipped with the engine upgrade from Hirsch Performance remain compliant with the extremely strict Euro 5 emissions standard. New for Euro 5 is that all emissions measurements need to be made also with E85 for BioPower cars. As a result, Hirsch Performance can now for the first time provide certified fuel consumtion and emissions data also for E85 fuel. The emissions measurements were performed for Hirsch Performance by Saab Automobile in Trollhättan.
Maintenance costs and service intervals remain unchanged for cars equipped with a performance ugrade from Hirsch Performance. The Saab Original new vehicle warranty also remains in full effect.
As for all software upgrades from Hirsch Performance, it is possible to try the upgrade free of charge for ten days. If the performance upgrades meet your expectations, you can simply keep it installed and complete the purchase transaction, and if not, the software can easily be de-installed without charge. Please contact your Saab dealer for details on possible labour charges for installation or uninstallation.
Available for: 9-5 2.0T Turbo4 and 2.0T BioPower, with front wheel drive and XWD, manual and automatic transmissions.
Saab 9-5 Sports exhaust in stainless steel

Sporty sound for the 2.0T and 2.8T – now in stock
For drivers looking for a sportier engine sound, Hirsch Performance has developed a sports exhaust in stainless steel which perfectly matches the character of the car. During normal driving, the sound is moderate and refined, and at full throttle it becomes powerful and sporty.
The appearance is characterized by the sporty and at the same time elegant brushed stainless steel four-pipe exhaust bezels.
Using advanced mathematical models and computer-aided sound analysis, the sound designers at Hirsch Performance were able to eliminate disturbing noise at motorway speeds, and at the same time create an appealing and sporty sound character.
All exhaust components are flow optimized to minimize pressure loss, improving the throttle response of the engine.
The Hirsch Performance sports exhaust replaces the orignal exhaust system from the catalyst and back. Longevity and durability are
guaranteed, thanks to the stainless steel design. Like all Hirsch Performance products, the exhaust system is compliant with current
legislation and is delivered including required documentation. Cars equipped with Hirsch Performance accessories keep the Saab Original new vehicle warranty unchanged.
Available for: 9-5 2.0T Turbo4, 2.0T BioPower (with front wheel drive and XWD), and 2.8T Turbo6. Fits Linear, Vector and Aero trim levels.
Sports suspension for the Saab 9-5 Turbo6
With the Hirsch Performance lowering kit developed with typical Swiss precision, the car is lowered by 20mm in the front and 10mm in the rear, creating even better driving dynamics and a sportier stance.
The lowered centre of mass contributes to a shortened stopping distance and improved handling, creating a substantially more dynamic driving experience.
In addition, the aerodynamics of the car are improved by the lowering kit, as the wheels are no longer as exposed to the oncoming air,
lowering drag, and the reduced air flow under the car improves high speed stability. The lowering kit thereby generates several improvements to the driving experience.
The Hirsch Performance sports suspension is optimized for Drive Sense and fully compatible with all driver assistance systems from Saab.
Available for: 9-5 Turbo6 XWD

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