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New Generation 900 94-98

Old Generation 9-3 98-02(03 conv)

The 1994 “NG900” was Saab’s first new car for over 8 years. The car was very different to what we had been used to, some people thought it wasn't a “real Saab" but our registrar, Weston Gearon disagrees! It was Saab’s first car that appealed to the mainstream and got more Saabs on the road. Its replacement came in 1998 with the “OG9-3”, an evolution of the NG900, putting right many of the NG900’s perceived faults. Weston is a firm believer that both the NG900 and the OG9-3 are very much an important part of Saab’s history.


Please let him know your Saab NG900/OG9-3 stories. If you have any questions or queries then please ask, having worked on Saabs for last 30 years as a Saab Master Technician, Weston can hopefully can help in guiding you to many happy years of Saab motoring.

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