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Corin Richards, the MD at Saab Parts UK, has kindly prepared a statement for us to keep our members updated on progress with the parts supply for our cars. As you will see the situation is improving all the time helping to grow confidence in the Saab community. Our thanks to Corin for keeping us informed.

Mike Philpott


"Saab Automobile Parts AB recognises that some Saab owners and prospective owners remain concerned about the availability of spare parts to keep their Saab roadworthy in the event of a problem, and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify the situation and future outlook.


As you know, Saab Automobile Parts AB is in business to maintain the global supply and sales of genuine Saab parts and has already started direct commercial operations in a number of markets (Sweden, US, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland), to serve and maintain Saab driver needs.


Appreciating that in today’s instant electronic information and publishing environment, misinformation is easily generated, Saab Automobile Parts AB is pleased to confirm significant progress regarding availability has been made in recent months. Measured as a % of daily orders that can be supplied immediately from the Nykoping warehouse, “first pick availability” has now reached 94%, its highest level in 2012. Given the total Saab portfolio covers in the region of 50,000 lines, this is a considerable recovery from the limitations that existed at the start of the year.


Saab Automobile Parts AB has re-doubled efforts to work more closely with suppliers and overcome supply chain difficulties and with the latest delivery plans is projecting original parts availability will achieve 95% before the end of December.


Unfortunately, there are still some items that are proving difficult and will take some more time to resolve. As each case is different and complicated, specific solutions are being developed in order to achieve the earliest possible release.


By continuing to build on the recent availability improvements, Saab Automobile Parts AB is committed to providing a portfolio of genuine Saab parts and support services for the 1 million Saab cars in use worldwide. So while the production of new Saabs may have ceased, Saab Automobile Parts AB and its network of Authorised Service Centres would like to reassure you of their continued expert technical care of your Saab into the future."


Saab Automobile Parts UK Ltd.


Best Regards,

Corin Richards

Managing Director

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