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Ads can be purchased by Members using Classified Ads 'Points'. Non-Members can only create 'Wanted' adverts.

Members are given a 1000 points as a starter package.  The points you have can be checked by logging in and going to 'My Points' under the CLASSIFIEDS Menu.  This allocation last a long time so is pretty much a one time only request.

(In the unlikely event of you using up all your points, more can be requested via

The allocation of points to new members is, unfortunately, a manual process so new members may find they don't immediately have points.  In this case then please contact stating your membership number, to request your points package.

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Adverts are free for Members.  Members will be allocated points which can be used to buy ads. If you are a member and find you have no points please contact

Title Category Description Location Price Added Expiration Displayed Model


Parts for SaleWinter tyres on VG 15" Saab alloysGBP 10031-10-2017 17:06:2630-12-2017 17:06:26148---


Parts for SaleSaab roof bars for 9000 and 95GBP £40 for the 9000/£50 for the 95 as pairs25-10-2017 13:33:2824-12-2017 12:33:28137Saab 9000 and 95

Saab 96 V4 Rally Car

Saab 961972 Original Group.2 Saab Rally Sweden Assisted Saab 96 V4 Rally Car---04-06-2017 12:51:0131-12-2017 11:49:00987V4 Rally Car

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31-10-2017 17:06:26Parts for SaleGBP 100
Winter tyres on VG 15" Saab alloys
25-10-2017 13:33:28Parts for SaleGBP £40 for the 9000/£50 for the 95 as pairs
Saab roof bars for 9000 and 95
Saab 96 V4 Rally CarSaab 96 V4 Rally Car
04-06-2017 12:51:01Saab 96For Sale
1972 Original Group.2 Saab Rally Sweden Assisted S ...
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