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Title Category Description Location Price Added Expiration Displayed Model

C900 Ronal wheels

Parts for Historical ModelsC900 turbo Ronal 5x15 wheels with tyresGBP 25027-07-2020 14:14:4225-09-2020 13:14:4159C900 turbo

C900 Rear axle rebuilt

Parts for Historical ModelsC900 1988 turbo rear axleGBP 18027-07-2020 13:16:3525-09-2020 12:16:3537C900 turbo

C900 stainless rear exhaust box

Parts for Historical ModelsSaab C900 stainless steel back boxGBP 4027-07-2020 12:55:0325-09-2020 11:55:0339C900 turbo

C900 stainless steel exhaust

Parts for Historical ModelsSaab C900 Exhaust tail pipe sectionGBP 4027-07-2020 12:42:0625-09-2020 11:42:0638C900 turbo

C900 Suspension springs

Parts for Historical ModelsClassic 900 Suspension springs New and usedGBP 8027-07-2020 12:17:5225-09-2020 11:17:5234C900 turbo
cam 1

Saab C900 pair cam gears NEW

Parts for Historical ModelsPair NEW cam gearsGBP 4027-07-2020 11:50:5025-09-2020 10:50:5021C900 1988
shock 1

Saab 900 1988 Sachs shocks Front

Parts for Historical ModelsNew Sachs front shock absorbers pairGBP 80 or best offer27-07-2020 11:29:1725-09-2020 10:29:1720C900 988 rear handbrake

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C900 turbo Ronal 5x15 wheels with tyres
C900 1988 turbo rear axle
Saab C900 stainless steel back box
Saab C900 Exhaust tail pipe section
Classic 900 Suspension springs New and used
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